Summer Courses

We are dedicated to giving students the tools and skills they need to succeed at our international boarding schools and beyond. We offer two summer courses to give students the chance to jump-start their studies, enhance their university applications and make the most of their education abroad.

  • IB-prep)

    Summer Orientation Course

    Who: Students who are starting their program at EF Academy
    When: August, before Fall Term
    How long: 3 weeks
    Where: New York, Pasadena

    This course gives incoming students the chance to get a head start on the academic year. Over three weeks, students will be able to familiarize themselves with their new campus and meet their peers, teachers, and counselors. They’ll also be able to increase their English skills with ESL (English as a Second Language), and other academic subjects including math and science classes. This gives students the chance to acclimate to their new environment and make new friends before school begins.

  • Prep-course)


    Who: Students who are starting IGCSE or IB programs
    When: August, before Fall Term
    How long: Summer course, or 1-4 terms depending on English level
    Where: New York, Pasadena

    The Preparation Course offered at our international high schools in New York and Pasadena is for students who would like to set themselves up for success in the IGCSE or IB program by improving their English proficiency and exploring specific subjects such as mathematics and science. This course can be taken the summer before the school year begins, or for one, two, three or four terms depending on your English level.

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